Avery: 11/11/11 – 04/30/12

My heart is so heavy writing this. I am sure most of you heard but yesterday, sweet little 5-month old Avery passed away. You can read her father’s post here.

I fell in love with Avery when Janice Walters nominated her for The Sussy Project. I read every post and in just the past three weeks, I and over 500,000 other people have followed Avery and her bucket list. How her parents could put aside their sadness and work tirelessly to create such a full and joyous life for this little girl is beyond comprehension. They are truly incredible. I can’t understand why this disease exists. Or why Avery had to get it. Or why her lung collapsed yesterday.

I doubt she ever got to play with the Barbie we sent her nor watch “The Polar Express” nor get her mani/pedi. But she and her wonderful family have inspired so many people.

As I sit here with tears streaming down my face thinking about that tiny baby and that raging disease and her amazing parents, I know there is a big lesson in this story.

We all must live. We all must love. We should take every single opportunity to experience what this world has to offer.

So hug those kids of yours. Tell someone you love them. Be thoughtful and spontaneous. Go after the unthinkable. Life is too fragile not to. Avery – a 5 month old – taught us that.

Rest in peace precious girl.

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