Meet the team.

The main team member here at The Sussy Project is YOU.

You nominate your peers. You help us find the perfect sussy. You do amazing things, endure tough days and rough times to earn sussies.

Us? Well we just help execute.

Meggie Dials – President and Co-Founder

Please meet my friend, Meggie (by Pete):

As for Meggie, she becomes your favorite person within 10 minutes of meeting her. In fact, everyone that I know who knows her says the same thing. She blogs passionately about running at Her love of obscure hip hop is admirable, and her earring collection is ridiculous. Oh, and she is a professional smiler in any random candid photo. She will make you look silly if you aren’t smiling too.

Peter Dunn – Co-Founder and Vice-President Emeritus

Please meet my friend, Pete (by Meggie):

I met Pete last year. We talked finances. And hip hop music. And running. And we hit it off instantly. He hates the word luxurious and excessive spending. He loves Petey Pablo and lives in Pleasantville. His daughter, Ollie, and son, Teddy, are quite possibly the cutest and sassiest pumpkins ever. He could have made a living doing stand-up, but instead Pete spends a lot of his time helping people make smart financial decisions. He can be seen on TV, heard on the radio and followed at @petetheplanner and on his website And he gives. Creatively. He’s the perfect partner for TSP.

Briana Cook – Vice-President

Please meet my friend, Bri. (by Meggie)













I met Bri over Twitter. And when we discovered our mutual love for running, we became insta-friends. Over the many, many miles and hours spent together, I can tell you that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Bri currently lives in Muncie with her husband, Nick, and sweet pup, Allie. She’s a Nurse Practitioner with a huge heart, amazing smile and a passion for running, donuts and sussies. She’s one of the best writers I know (follow her blog at and I am absolutely thrilled to have her be a part of our leadership team. I know that with her help, we will take this project to new heights.


And as of April 2012, we have introduced the Sussy Squad!




  1. Rich Goeman’s avatar

    Well, I’m interested. Still not getting the whole thing but I’ll catch on. It sounds fun and always the right thing to do.


  2. Jackie Ellis’s avatar

    I had never heard of the Sussy Project until Nicole and Debbie Morgan received their Sussy,I think you guys are so sweet in helping others thru a very difficult time in their lives,keep up the good work:)


    1. Meggie’s avatar

      Thank you, Jackie. We appreciate your support.


  3. irene’s avatar

    This sounds like something Cloud 9 Spa would love to participate in- let me know some more info-317-569-9620 ext4


    1. Meggie’s avatar

      Hi Irene! We would love your help. I will send you an email shortly!!! Thank you!


  4. Hana’s avatar

    Dear Meggie,
    I read about in MC and I was very moved.
    I would love to expand it to Croatia, with your approval. Your project is so sweet and kind and think it would lighten up peoples’ lives.



  5. Martin R. Finley’s avatar

    Dear Sussy Project, I am the treasurer of Emily Larkin’s “Riley Children’s Hospital Foundation” fund raiser campaign. Thank you for putting the smile on my face this morning with your $25 donation. Sincerely yours, Martin R. Finley



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