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Often we get nominations that move us to tears. This one is no exception. We received a nomination from Janice Walters who told us about Avery. Here is what she wrote:

A friend of a friend’s 5 month old daughter was diagnosed with SMA. It’s a degenerative disease that will end up taking her life. It could take two weeks or 18 months at the most. Her parents have taken a path that for the life of me I can’t figure out how they have this much strength. Instead of sitting around and crying (which I’m sure they’ve done), they’ve begun a blog of awareness and made a bucket list. They just learned the diagnosis last week. I just finished reading their posts and I’m a total mess as most folks would be. I’m not sure how this whole Sussy thing works but I wanted to reach out.

Here’s Avery’s blog if you’d like to take a look. Caution: have some tissues or a very absorbent shirt at the ready before reading. Her parents are truly an inspiration. Averycan.blogspot.com

beautiful Avery

So without delay, I went to the blog and as Janice warned me, the tears came fast. This baby girl is so precious and tiny and yet has a raging disease inside her that no one can understand. And yet her parents’ attitude is contagiously uplifting. What they have decided to do to make her short life full is just incredible. As I read through the blog and then through her bucket list, I found a few things that we at The Sussy Project could do.

We reached out to Laura, Avery’s mom, (through the help of another friend, Kate) and let her know that we have sent the following to help knock off a few things on her bucket list: a Barbie (so she can play with Barbies), the Polar Express DVD (so she can watch it), and nail polish (so she can get her first mani/pedi).

Laura and Avery

Laura was very appreciative, and we’ll continue to follow Avery’s blog not only to hopefully see her experience what we have sent, but more importantly, to follow the progress of her health. I know she has a very rough road ahead, but the way her parents are providing her a life full of living, helps keep the tears at bay.

Avery at the Waterpark!

I encourage you to read Avery’s blog, check out her bucket list and do what you can to help. And if you have a little one at home, hug him or her tightly tonight.


To nominate someone for a sussy, email us at info@thesussyproject.com

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