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The importance of a sussy is that it is a gift for no reason. And just as important is that one shouldn’t give a sussy with an expectation of how it will be received, or what feedback will be provided. So as much as we would love for each recipient of The Sussy Project to write us a heartfelt guest blog post on their experience, that’s not what we are in this for. We want to make people smile and we only write about each situation as a way to honor the nominee and recipient, and to inspire people to follow suit and give sussies.

So though we never have spoken with Debbie, we wanted to share her story. Here is the nomination we received from Nicole:

I would like to nominate my mom, but it’s not a typical “my mom is awesome” story.

My brother just passed away and we buried him last Friday.  He was 25.  I live 3 hours away in Indianapolis, IN and she lives in Evansville, IN.  It’s hard on me not being able to be right there for her.  I did go down and plan the funeral from top to bottom to take a weight off of her shoulders, and obviously I was there for the events, but I’m back home now and she’s there.

A perfect gift for her right now would be something with my brother’s name on it.  Something simple.  His name was Wes.

The holidays will be hard but I do have a good support system.  My brother had been married for a short 10 months and his wife was deployed in Iraq when it happened.  It’s been a long couple of weeks waiting for her to get home, etc. in order to get everything done that needed to get done.

I just “liked” your project on FB and followed you on twitter.  You’re doing amazing work.  Please let me know if you need any help.  I’d be happy to pitch in and further the cause.

We were absolutely gutted for Nicole and Debbie. It’s the most heartbreaking thing – the thing we can’t imagine and yet the thing we are most scared of. To lose their brother and son at such a young age. To cope with that around the holidays. After receiving her nomination, we sent a Christmas ornament to Nicole’s mother, Debbie, that was engraved with his name and dates. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I emailed Nicole this morning to check in on them and to see if they received the ornament. Debbie did and she loved it.

They are hanging in there, but can still use your thoughts and well wishes.

Know someone who deserves to be sussified? Nominate by emailing us at! We want to hear from you.

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